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Dark Furs – Concrete Corners

// September 22nd, 2013 // Comments Off // Cinematographer, Music

Client: Dark Furs
Role: Director of Photography

LA WEEKLY – The Game Photo Shoot Behind the Scenes

// August 25th, 2011 // Comments Off // Behind the Scenes, Music

Client: LA Weekly
Role: Camera, Editor, Producer

Clorofila in Mexico City

// October 13th, 2010 // Comments Off // Behind the Scenes, Documentary, Music

Check out Gabriel Noguez’s latest cut of the Clorofila concert we shot in Mexico City earlier this year.  It’s a long video because it’s actually two videos in one.  The first half is concert/live footage and the second half is music video footage I shot while I was down there.

“BabyRock Rock” – Live in Mexico City

// July 16th, 2010 // No Comments » // Documentary, Music

Check out the video I shot at the end of May in Mexico City for Nortec Collective Presents Clorofila.  Gabriel Noguez was my second camera as well as the director/editor for the video.

Video for Clorofila’s “BabyRock Rock”

// May 4th, 2010 // No Comments » // Music

Here is the video I shot earlier this year for Nortec Collective member Clorofila’s single “BabyRock Rock”

The crew was very small; Gabriel Noguez directed and edited it, with Mira Lew and Dilcia Barrera camera assisting and ADing it respectively.  It was a great experience shooting the whole thing in Tijuana Mexico and I’m very happy with the way it turned out.  It’s also worth noting that this is the project that really made me totally fall in love with my Canon 5D mark ii.  It allowed me to shoot this whole thing quickly with little to no additional lighting.  Plus, we weren’t hassled as much as I think we might have been had I been holding a bigger, more professional looking camera.