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I’m Having Their Baby: Season Two

// May 29th, 2013 // Comments Off // Cinematographer, Documentary, television

Client: Oxygen Network / Hud:Sun Media
Role: Director of Photography

A clip from “The Great Sasuke”

// March 11th, 2012 // Comments Off // Documentary

This is a clip from the upcoming feature documentary “The Great Sasuke” that I have been shooting in Japan for the past year.

Brave New Foundation: Cuéntame – An Honest Conversation series

// January 9th, 2012 // No Comments » // Camera Operator, Documentary

Client: Brave New Foundation: Cuéntame: An Honest Conversation
Role: Camera

Coming Soon – The Great Sasuke

// September 23rd, 2011 // Comments Off // Documentary

The Great Sasuke

I spent most of September in Japan filming this man: The Great Sasuke.  It’s all part of an amazing documentary project directed by Mikiko Sasaki.  I can’t wait to be able to upload a trailer.

Dartball Trailer

// January 22nd, 2011 // Comments Off // Documentary

This is the trailer for a really fun documentary that I shot several years ago.
Role: Camera, Co-Director

Clorofila in Mexico City

// October 13th, 2010 // Comments Off // Behind the Scenes, Documentary, Music

Check out Gabriel Noguez’s latest cut of the Clorofila concert we shot in Mexico City earlier this year.  It’s a long video because it’s actually two videos in one.  The first half is concert/live footage and the second half is music video footage I shot while I was down there.

Virgin Galactic Test Flight

// October 12th, 2010 // Comments Off // Corporate / Commercial, Documentary

I got to shoot one of the coolest things ever last weekend: the first test flight of the Virgin Galactic spaceship.  I shot most of the above footage for the VNR release (the actual take-off, separation, and landing footage is not mine).  I also editing the piece.

Scribd World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer Award Winner 2011 Video

// August 25th, 2010 // No Comments » // Corporate / Commercial, Documentary

Here is a video commissioned Dan Johnstone and myself to make for them earlier this  month.  It was a lot of long hours but I think they were worth it.  I’m very happy with the way it turned out (except for the fact that Vimeo seems to have made everything slightly yellower than it is in the original file.  I need to figure out why this is).

“BabyRock Rock” – Live in Mexico City

// July 16th, 2010 // No Comments » // Documentary, Music

Check out the video I shot at the end of May in Mexico City for Nortec Collective Presents Clorofila.  Gabriel Noguez was my second camera as well as the director/editor for the video.

Sparrow Songs – Episode 5 – The Donut Shop

// March 5th, 2010 // Comments Off // Documentary

Sparrow Songs – Episode 5 – The Donut Shop from Sparrow Songs on Vimeo.

Sparrow Songs is a project in which filmmaker Alex Jablonski and cinematographer Michael Totten make and exhibit one short documentary per month, every month for one year.

Check out the latest Sparrow Songs film from Alex Jablonski.  It’s the third one I’ve helped shoot but the first one I where I did the majority of the shooting.  I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out and can’t wait to see and help with whatever Alex and Michael come up with next time.  It’s a really fun and rewarding project to be a part of and I feel honored that Alex and Michael have asked me to be a part of it.

Sparrow Songs – Episode 4 – The Puppet Maker

// February 4th, 2010 // Comments Off // Documentary

Sparrow Songs – Episode 4 – The Puppet Maker from Sparrow Songs on Vimeo.

Check out the latest Sparrow Songs film from Alex Jablonski.  It’s the second one I’ve helped Alex and Michael shoot.  I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out but I think Alex did a great job with it.  Making these films is a lot harder then it sounds.  I’m looking forward to working on March’s film.

Sparrow Songs – Episode 3 – Porn Star Karaoke

// January 3rd, 2010 // Comments Off // Documentary

Sparrow Songs – Episode 3 – Porn Star Karaoke from Sparrow Songs on Vimeo.

Sparrow Songs is a project in which filmmaker Alex Jablonski and cinematographer Michael Totten make and exhibit one short documentary per month, every month for one year.

This is the first Sparrow Song that Alex and Michael have asked me to help with.  I had a great time working with them on this project that ended up being quite emotionally draining for everyone involved.  It’s interesting to note that Alex and I shot an entire day of footage that didn’t make it into the finished film because it was just too heavy and intense.  I hope Alex decides to do the next one on puppies and kittens!

Also, it was really cool working on a documentary project using the Canon 5D mark ii.  The more I use that camera, the more I love it!  It really is an amazing piece of equipment.

The Great Australian Vanilla Slice Triumph Teaser

// August 22nd, 2009 // Comments Off // Documentary

The teaser trailer for the short documentary I directed last year in Australia.

The Sound Project – Promo Teaser

// August 8th, 2009 // No Comments » // Documentary

So I finally got around to purchasing a Vimeo plus account this weekend and thought the first thing I would put up would be our very first promo for The Sound Project.  Look for another one coming soon.

ps. enjoy some flickr photos.

This is Fi: Update

// April 30th, 2009 // 2 Comments » // Documentary


What’s happening with Fi:

Some of you may know our friend, Ho Keen Fi, a filmmaker/photographer/set builder, the subject of a documentary film THIS IS FI and lastly an illegal immigrant.  Because of his immigration status, Fi had to travel from Los Angeles (where he lives) to Rochester, NY on a Greyhound bus.  He was headed back from Rochester, NY to Los Angeles (first detouring in Massachusetts to see Jack Kerouac’s grave), when he was picked up by the U.S. Border Patrol on the Greyhound bus.  We are seeking your help in finding a pro bono immigration attorney in New York state who will fight Fi’s imminent deportation.  Any leads and/or financial support towards Fi’s defense will be greatly appreciated.

What Fi called one of the greatest weekends of his life, in attending the wedding of his friends David Harris and Amy Adrion, turned into the possible end of Fi’s American Dream.  Fi is currently being detained in the Buffalo Federal Detention Center (in Batavia), which is a temporary detention center for those whose immigration status is being determined.

Fi came to the U.S. from Singapore on a six-month visa that expired about seven years ago.  Dreaming of freedom and artistic opportunities only possible in America, Fi left Singapore, a notoriously repressive city-state and chose to carve out a life here.  David and Jon Schwarz became friends with Fi during their time at UCLA Film School, when they hired Fi as a set builder for their student films.  For the past three years, they have been collaborating on a documentary film about Fi’s life as an illegal immigrant; his video journal chronicles the hardships shot through his unique lens on America.  But we’ll let Fi speak for himself: please see the trailer at to experience what Fi means to all of us.

Any attorney who would take on this high-profile case would benefit from sympathetic coverage (and subsequent publicity upon its release) in David, Fi and Jon’s documentary film THIS IS FI.  David is a producer at MTV, Jon is a rising documentary filmmaker and Fi is one of the most compelling documentary subjects ever filmed.  Fi is as singular and entertaining as Timothy Speed Levitch in THE CRUISE and the Beales in GREY GARDENS.

We are asking for your help not only because Fi is one of our closest friends, but also because he truly is a filmmaker/artist of extraordinary talent.  We are seeking a pro bono immigration attorney who can immediately take Fi’s case, defend against removal charges, contest his deportation and make his case for political asylum.  Fi urgently needs an attorney who can counsel him on his case for asylum and help him prepare for an imminent meeting with his deportation officer, Dan Henderson.

Please forward this information on to anyone you think might be able to help out.  Time is a factor here and we really really need an immigration lawyer now.


Jonathan Schwarz

First Post/This is Fi

// February 6th, 2009 // Comments Off // Documentary


So I’ve decided to return to blogging. I’m updating to blogger and I’m interested to see how it goes. I want this blog to very much like my livejournal blog in that it’s simply a showcase of things that I am into and like. I don’t plan on making this the sort of blog where I talk about relationships and other personal business.
Okay, enough with the housekeeping, let’s get down to it.